A Brief Glimpse of Who I Am

Blessed Be friends.

My name is Michelle, though some simply know me as Mickey. To the Simming Community I am Simmerz83. I am 32 years young and I have never known something more rewarding that reading a good story or writing one for others to enjoy.

I have always loved writing of all sorts, from essays and reports in school to poetry and short stories. I tend to be self critical and never finish a story HOWEVER forgotten memories, my very first ever sims story did have an ending…not the one I planned but I finished it none-the-less. I thought about bringing it back to life but to be honest part of it made me uneasy so nope I just left it completed and on a dusty webpage. Anyways…

You will notice that most of the  content on this page is Sims related, I will soon be migrating this to an all sims page and moving my non-sims stuff to their own blog/page.

I never knew anything about Sims Stories until my FB friend Daisies, I read her stories and was hooked the only problem now is that I have so many stories I never know which ones to work on. Partially due to lack of interest from readers I suppose. Either way writing is one of my greatest passions and someday in the very distant future one of my stories will be published and someone out there in the land of books will read it and like it. I do not write for fame/fortune or glory if I did I would be starved and homeless. But I hope you enjoy my stories, if so please leave a comment so I know you liked it 🙂 Thanks to all my dedicated readers.


Thank You SO MUCH to:
Jinx and daijahv

For nominating me for the Leibster Award (link to my blog on who I nominated) It means a lot to me that you think that much of my writing.



4 thoughts on “A Brief Glimpse of Who I Am

  1. I love your blog introduction and how clean cut your page is…. the title tabs on the top I love that… I am trying to get my blog to look similar to this …. its a process but I will get there… its nice to meet a fellow sim blogger.. 🙂

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